Revolutionizing the crypto world!

Total Supply
100,000,000,000 LB

Circulating Supply
1,000,000,000 LB

buy/sell tax on DEX

Being the main and only currency in ZFIR's ecosystem gives LIKB a number of regular customers

LIKB aims to be the most known and most used cryptocurrency in the world.

Please set slippage to 0.4% for Uniswap & PancakeSwap

The Likb Ecosystem

The people's cryptocurrency

Maintain Value

LIKB(LB) token has a fixed number of tokens issued, has a stable ZFIR ecosystem and user community.

Flexibility and Utility

LIKB(LB) token issued on the BSC network is easy to use and flexible

Compliance Standards

LIKB(LB) token fully respects the laws of countries and regions. There are clear regulations


Decentralization empowers the user community and keeps the system stable and fair.

The Three Pillars of LIKB

LIKB(LB) towards the future is a currency used by many people. To do that, we have 3 goals:
Build an ecosystem
Understand that to develop a currency, the first important thing is the community of users. It is a big push for developers to create quality products, so the developer team has combined with the ZFIR game developer community, to offer game products with many experiences, as well as build a strong community.
Expanding the currency's popularity.
We developers are always actively bringing currencies to major exchanges, and we are also researching integrating other payment methods, so that one day we can bring the world closer to you. LIKB (LB).
Enhanced security
We LIKB(LB) developers always uphold the security of the currency, customers, and ecosystem. Because it is the property and reputation of the developer, we always focus on and develop with the best people to ensure all activities always run well.